We offer a youth support service specifically tailored to individual needs on a one-to-one basis through direct referrals from the Tusla social work network teams in counties Sligo & Leitrim. This is offered to young people aged between 10 -18 years of age (aged 8+ if a sibling aged 10+ has also been referred).

The Youth Support Worker attends Tusla social work team meetings and meets with the individual team leaders to discuss the ongoing partnership.

Following the referral, the Social Worker and Youth Support Worker will meet with the young person and family to discuss the young person’s needs and identify what supports are required in an agreed timeframe.

Through regular meetings, emotional and behavioural issues can be addressed in a safe and supportive environment, enabling the young person to make positive life choices.
Our fully qualified social care practitioner complete life story work with the young people. This impartial work allows for the young person to talk about their past, to works through traumas, and help them to make sense of current behaviours or feelings whilst making links with their history.

This work is used in combined with other programmes such as arts & crafts, sporting and leisure activities, baking, and other special interests to assist the young person. The young people can also be linked in with our group based residential weekend activity and summer programmes.

There are currently four Youth Support Workers assigned to Tusla social work teams.