The Sligo Leitrim Home Youth Liaison Service (HYLS) is a non-profit organisation based in counties Sligo, Leitrim, and West Cavan regions. The service was established in 1989 in response to local needs to support young people.

The service was initially developed from the recognition that increasing numbers of young people were potential early school leavers and not accessing any alternative educational training opportunities.

This trend would likely have a negative impact on the young person’s future potential, family relationships and society in general. The HYLS was established to support young people to complete their full school cycle or to access alternative training options and remain within their own communities.


To attempt to make a significant improvement for the young people who access our service, delivered in partnership with statutory agencies, secondary schools nd other community and voluntary organisations.

To be flexible and innovative in our response to those who are referred into our service.


Our Mission is to provide a confidential, non-judgmental, and empathetic support to young people and their families with the objective of enhancing the young person’s social development and well-being.

The HYLS has a wraparound approach with staff, working in both the formal settings of all post primary schools in our region. Then also in the community where the service has youth workers attached to the all the TUSLA Social work teams, providing out-of-hours service and residential weekends and summer activity programmes.

The HYLS place the young person at the centre of the decision-making process with the aim of allowing young people to take responsibility for their own choices and actions.


  • Uniquely positioned to get a holistic picture of the young person’s needs as we meet them in all spheres of their lives.
  • Building trusting relationships, impartial support which is whole child / whole system solution focused.
  • The HYLS offer a one stop, wraparound support addressing individual needs.
  • Making home visits.
  • Providing respite via residential weekends / summer programmes.
  • Providing weekly out-of-hours, one-to-one support to young people.
  • Multi Inter-agency collaboration.
  • A strong reputation as an immediate integrated response and an emergency support service.