Home Youth Liaison Service is an independent not for profit organisation established in 1989.
Our service is closely working with TUSLA, MSLETB, HSE and other agencies and services to form key partnerships to deliver support to young people and their families.
Young people are at the heart of the organisation and are supported by excellent standards in governance, staff and services.
In 2019, Home Youth Liaison Service introduced a new governance structure and policies, which aimed at ensuring efficiency and transparency in everything that we do.

Our Board of Directors

Home Youth Liaison Service is fully committed to upholding the highest standards of Corporate Governance. We believe that maintaining these high standards is integral to demonstrating accountability to those who fund and support our work. It also ensures that the organisation is proactive and responsive in order to achieve the goals of Home Youth Liaison Service.

Home Youth Liaison Service is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. It is made up of experienced and committed people. The Board is advised by a number of expert committees and is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of the charity.

Transparency and Accountability

A voluntary Board of Directors steer the governance of Home Youth Liaison Service. The Board members also take an active role in contribute to the areas of the organisation in which they have the most expertise.

All directors are voluntary and receive no remuneration. The Board meets 10 times per year and has its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May of each year.

The directors present their annual report together with the audited financial statements of the Company for the year ended at the AGM.
In our Annual Report you will find details on our structure, activities, and accounts for that year.




The constitution governs service’s internal management. It’s an essential and crucial legal document
that oversees the activities of our company as well as the relationship of our company’s directors.


This charter reviewed and updated on a regular basis at Annual General Meeting. The document contains:

The current governance structure of the HYLS.
The Terms of Membership of the HYLS as a part of the Constitution of HYLS.
• This document deals with the arrangements that apply for membership of the Home Youth Liaison Service.

A list governance rules which Board members agree to abide by.


As a funded body we are required to have an SLA in place with TUSLA and MSLETB. This document lays the undertakings in relation to allocated funding and it is issued on an annual basis.


In order to ensure that HYLS is fully compliant with all audit requirements, occasionally the service is selected to undertakes internal or external audit work from TUSLA and HSE.


The Board of Home Youth Liaison Service deals with a multiplicity of issues on an ongoing basis and will continue to do so to try to reach the strategic aims and actions as is outlined in our HYLS Strategic Plan 2023-2028.


Home Youth Liaison Service has created a Financial Committee to support the delivery of its strategic and financial objectives. With the establishment of this committee, we can ensure that a wide spectrum of people contribute to decision making within HYLS. Similarly, our governance structure ensures that we broaden the relationships between members to ensure a good flow of communications and governance.

Home Youth Liaison Service requires and expects the highest possible standards in Youth Service, Finance, Governance and Compliance.

The Governance Code for the Community & Voluntary Sector

Home Youth Liaison Service is committed to the highest standards in the way we conduct ourselves and our business.

We aim to be fully transparent and accountable

by meeting the standards for the charity sector. We are fully compliant with the Charities Governance Code set out by the Charities Regulator.

This Governance Code is for Board members, managers, staff and volunteers of community, voluntary and charitable organisations and is a tool to help organisations perform to the highest standards possible.

The Governance Code aims to make sure that organisations are run responsibly, efficiently and effectively.

The Governance Code clearly outlines the roles, duties and responsibilities of all those who sit on the boards and management committees of community, voluntary or charitable organisations.

Home Youth Liaison Service is fully compliant with the National Code of Governance for the Community & Voluntary Sector








Linda Halstead

Youth Liaison Officer

Leah Hedigan

Youth Liaison Officer

Emma Griffin

Youth Liaison Officer

Paula Hargadon

Youth Liaison Officer

Raisa Connolly

Youth Liaison Officer

Anna Marie McBrien

CCA Youth Support Worker

Elaine McGoldrick

CCA Youth Support Worker

Patrick Timon

Youth Support Worker

Maia Travers

Youth Support Worker

Fergal Kilbride

Youth Support Worker

Oisin McBreen

Youth Support Worker

Shirley Martin

Autism Support Worker

Andrea Kiska


Brona Galvin



External HR

Gilroy Gannon

External Auditor